Donna Gloshen


During the ACC's September 23 discussion of the Anthem HOA's no-overseeding decision, ACC member Donna Gloshen informed the rest of the council and her audience that she wasn't convinced that Anthem should have any grass at all. We live in a desert, Ms. Gloshen said (which, in itself, is not exactly news), and in her opinion, we ought not indulge our misplaced fondness for open green spaces, seeing as how they require regular watering and all.


Presumably, as this was Ms. Gloshen's only substantive addition to the overseeding discussion, it was her primary consideration when she voted to allow the HOA to kill off Anthem's pocket parks (she voted this way twice -- both on the 23rd and on the "let's-get-it-right do-over" on the 30th).


We'll say this much for Ms. Gloshen: She's no coward. Unlike ACC President Bill Clower, who, in calling the do-over, argued that the ACC should allow the HOA to do anything it wants to do -- ignoring the oversight duty of the ACC -- Ms. Gloshen just doesn't like grass and isn't afraid to say so.


Unfortunately, with an ACC that isn't particularly scrupulous about following its own rules, what Ms. Gloshen does and doesn't like takes on a great deal of importance. Is she going to decide she doesn't like the train, the playground, the waterslide, or the fishing ponds, and can simply ignore the rules regarding their upkeep? She's apparently decided she doesn't like the multi-million dollar community center she already controls and is going to use your money to buy another multi-million dollar community center that strikes her fancy a little better.


And it goes beyond Ms. Gloshen. The skate park on Gavilan Peak is closed every Friday to the homeschool students who gather for P.E. classes nearby. We don't think Ms. Gloshen hates homeschoolers -- she's never mentioned it -- but the maintenance crew certainly does and are apparently following the Gloshen rule of "What I don't like I don't have to put up with." It's a childish, petulant philosophy, and while it may fit perfectly with the style of governance we get in Anthem, it's unworthy of us.